Bridal Styling Service

Bridal Styling Service

We believe the wedding day should be a true reflection of the bride and grooms personality as well as their personal style. Let us be guided by your vision in order to create a style statement that will make your wedding unique, not only as an experience but also encapsulated as a dreamy visual for generations to come.

The initial consult will give us an insight to your personal style, after which our expertise will help to refine and construct the finished look. We will guide you through the entire styling process, whether it’s picking the right outfits and accessories for the couple and their families.

Our personal stylist will help you style one complete outfit for a special event, whether its your wedding day, sangeet, reception or any other event that you would like to turn heads at!

The process involves a detailed meeting to understand your needs and then provide appropriate design solutions that suit your personal style.

Your styling would be based on the brief of the colour preferences, venue, theme, hairstyling, makeup application and your body type.

We shall source items from various designers of your choice to create your finished look.

This complete style statement package is for the discerning couple that would like to execute a seamless vision.

You will be on a personal whatsapp group with the stylist to create two to four looks for your wedding festivities.

We will create a cohesive, finished look for the couple and the bridal party, to be captured to perfection in your timeless photographs to be admired forever.

We shall source the outfit of your dreams, from your preferred designer, and style you to ultimate perfection!

Fine Jewellery Consultancy

Fine Jewellery Consultancy

Jewellery is the key element in creating finesse when styling the completed ensemble. Fine jewellery is certainly a more valuable piece, which has the promise to become a treasured family heirloom over many generations to come. We understand Indian jewellery, its history and craftsmanship and would love to source the most beautiful, intricate piece for you to complete your ensemble.